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Quantum technology is set to fundamentally change computing as we know it. But to advance it we need collaboration, experimentation, and shared discoveries. Let’s make it happen.

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Join our community of researchers, educators, developers, and quantum enthusiasts and get access to all the tools you need to start. You’ll be explaining teleportation to your mom in no time.


Quickly learn how to use and manipulate real quantum algorithms through a library of user submitted projects.


Easily create, organize, and collaborate on quantum computing projects using all the major quantum programming languages.


Freely share your work with other users to collaborate on, or by publishing posts, project files, and generated results to the community.

How it works


Create a project

Create and manage projects seamlessly across multiple frameworks including QISKIT, Q#, Forest, CIRQ, Ocean, and many more with new platforms added regularly.


Write and run code

Write your own code or start with our library of projects published by the community, then run them against any quantum simulators and/or hardware.


Work together, get results

Collaborate with other developers, physicists, and data scientists on your team, or from the community. Then see the results of your hard work.


Discuss, share, and publish

Discuss your results, share your work with the community, and publish your findings for the world to see and cite.

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