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Quantum technology is set to fundamentally change computing as we know it. But accessibility to quantum computing hardware, and the software that makes it useful, is prohibitively complex. To advance, quantum computing needs collaboration, experimentation, and shared discoveries. At Strangeworks we’re building the tools to make quantum accessible to everyone, now.

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Making quantum computing accessible

  • No install or configuration required
  • Flexible & scalable developer environment
  • Access multiple quantum frameworks
  • Write your own code or start with ours
  • Run experiments and get results
  • Share, collaborate, and publish your work
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How it works


Create an experiment

Easily create experiments across multiple frameworks including QISKIT, Q#, Forest, CIRQ, and Leap with new platforms being added regularly.


Write and run the code

Write your own code or start from the experiment library. Run on our simulators or send directly to available quantum hardware.


Work together, get results

Collaborate with other developers, and see the results of your experiments in multiple formats.


Discuss, share, and publish

Discuss your findings, share your experiments and results with the community, or publish your findings publicly for all the world to see and cite.

Are you an academic or researcher?

We are committed to providing tools for quantum exploration and team collaboration across disciplines. If this could be useful to your group, we would love to discuss possibilities to help you further your work and collaborations.