LRZ - Introduction to Quantum Computing

Published by César A. Rodríguez Rosario (11/30/2020)

Welcome to the Strangeworks introduction to quantum tutorial!

∣Hello⟩+∣World⟩\vert \text{Hello} \rangle+\vert \text{World} \rangle

Hacking Quantum Today\text{Hacking Quantum Today}

Keep this page open in the browser, as we will refer to the links in it through out the tutorial.

To start, sign up right away for an account in Strangeworks Alpha.

This tutorial will have several guided hands-on examples. Please refer to the corresponding links as needed.

  1. Play with One Qubit!
  2. Solve this RubiQ's Sphere
  3. For Whom the Bell Entangles
  4. Quantum Walks
  5. Roll with the demand

And if you want to play with more things, you can find a few more examples in the Library.