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  • When Quantum Makes You Drunk

    Quantum Walks are a great way to understand the main principles behind the power of quantum computers. This is a simple example of it.

  • LRZ - Introduction to Quantum Computing

    Strangeworks Tutorial: LRZ Introduction to Quantum Computing

  • Test Post

  • Roll with the Demand

    For mysterious reasons, customers’ demand for toilet paper exceeds supply. Retailers are unable to maintain sufficient stock. Our challenge is to optimize the stocking of toilet papers at each grocery to best meet the demand.

  • Library Projects and library Items to improve

    This is a list of some projects that need to be polished. Some need the code to be cleaned, some need the write ups to be edited a bit,…

  • For Whom the Bell Entangles

    Entanglement is our basic resource. Einstein might be a spook now, but nobody that programs quantum computers is spooked by it. We understand it, we love it, we use it and that is all. This is the basic circuit to create an entangled state.

  • RubiQ's Sphere

    Simple puzzle to get started with one qubit operations.

  • this is my first post

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  • Play with one qubit

    A very basic example to get you started with one-qubit quantum circuit operations using QASM.