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Explore quantum computing insights, experiments, projects, and code.

  • Quantum Teleportation in ProjectQ

  • A List of Quantum Computing Learning Resources

    Here are some resources to get you started learning about QC.

  • Play With One Qubit

    A sandbox to learn about gates for one qubit.

  • Solve this RubiQ's Sphere

    Try some one-qubit gates until you solve this simple puzzle.

  • Getting Started - Bell State

    Get started working in the Strangeworks ecosystem. Walk through some simple code and get an overview of some of the capabilities of each framework.

  • ProjectQ 101 - Part 1

    First episode of an introductory series about getting to know ProjectQ. In this first instalment, we cover the most basic functionalities of ProjectQ and introduce its fundamental concepts by using the simple example of a quantum random bit generator.

  • For Whom the Bell Entangles

    An essential resource for quantum computers is entanglement. Learn how to create entanglement here.

  • Quantum Walk, Four Nodes

    A good place to start understand the power of quantum algorithms is with quantum walks

  • Roll with the Demand

    Optimize toilet paper stock in grocery stores using a Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm in QISKIT.