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How Many Qubits Are Needed For Quantum Supremacy?

Whether Google achieved quantum supremacy depends on perspective.



Pawsey Supercomputing Center And Quantum Brilliance Join Forces to Advance Australian Quantum Computing

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and Quantum Brilliance will be collaborating to develop Australia’s first quantum-supercomputing hub for innovation. About Pawsey Supercomputing CentreThe Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth is one of two Tier-1 high-performance computing and data research facilities in Australia. About Quantum BrillianceFounded in 2019, Quantum Brilliance is an Australian quantum computing hardware vendor which builds room temperature quantum computers, powered by artificial diamond. Quantum Brilliance has the fastest and most pragmatic technological pathway to deliver quantum computing in our hands – Ubiquitous Quantum Computing. Quantum Brilliance is a spin-out from Australian National University, and won the Innovation Excellence Award at 2019 Tech23 conference in Sydney.



Australia's New Quantum-supercomputing Innovation Hub And CSIRO Roadmap

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and Canberra-based quantum computing hardware startup Quantum Brilliance have announced a new hub that aims to combine innovations from both sectors.



Quantum Leap: Photon Discovery is a Major Step Toward At-Scale Quantum Technologies

A team of physicists at the University of Bristol has developed the first integrated photon source with the potential to deliver large-scale quantum photonics. Integrated quantum photonics is a promising platform for developing quantum technologies due to its capacity to generate and control photons -- single particles of light -- in miniaturized complex optical circuits. advertisement"In this work we found a way to resolve this and in doing so we developed the first integrated photon source compatible with large-scale quantum photonics. Dr Paesani said: "The device demonstrated by far the best performances for any integrated photon source: spectral purity and indistinguishability of 99% and > 90% photon heralding e?ciency." "We have solved a critical set of noises that had previously limited the scaling of photonic quantum information processing.



Inside Big Tech’s High-stakes Race For Quantum Supremacy

On June 4, 2019, Sergio Boixo gathered his colleagues on Google’s quantum research team together for an urgent meeting. Instead of quantum supremacy, Microsoft and IBM now prefer to talk about "quantum advantage" – the point at which quantum computers allow you to do useful things that you couldn’t do before. In 2019, IBM launched its first commercial quantum computer – the 20-qubit IBM Q System One Jason KoxvoldEventually, the end user of a quantum computer will probably be unaware that they’re actually using one. The first practical applications of real quantum computers are likely to be relatively low impact, such as verifying random numbers. Join WIRED todayIn time, Boixo hopes that quantum computers will be able to tackle some of the existential crises facing our planet.



Microsoft’s Quantum Computing Services Attract New Customers

Microsoft announced its foray into quantum computing services aimed at software developers last November.



Microsoft’s Quantum Computing Platform is Now in Limited Preview

Microsoft today announced that Azure Quantum, its partner-centric quantum computing platform for developers who want to get started with quantum computing, is now in limited preview. First announced at Microsoft Ignite 2019, Azure Quantum brings together the hardware from IonQ, Honeywell, QCI and Microsoft, services from the likes of 1QBit, and the classical computing capabilities of the Azure cloud. With this move to being in limited preview, Microsoft is now opening the service up to a small number of select partners and customers. With all of this, the company is taking a different approach from some of its competitors. In addition, Microsoft also currently has to partner with quantum hardware companies simply because its own quantum hardware efforts haven’t quite reached the point where they are viable.



Will Honeywell's Bets on Software, Quantum Computers be Held up by The Coronavirus Pandemic?

The venerable industrial giant has placed transformative bets on software and sci-fi computers. Will the global pandemic put its evolution on hold?



Shell Works With Leiden Physicists on Quantum Computer Algorithms For Chemistry

Shell cooperates with theoretical physicists and chemists of Leiden University to research how quantum computer algorithms can help simulate complex molecules.