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Why AWS Could Own The Future of Quantum Computing

There is a lot of learning but not much in the way of a viable business, according to the GM of AWS Braket service, Richard Moulds. The message we got was we needed to deliver a consistent multi-technology platform around quantum computing that gets around all this jumping. We wanted to build a platform for quantum computing, not a showcase for a particular technology,” Moulds explains. This kind of deep competitive understand can also come in handy if and when quantum computing blows up enough for AWS to truly leverage the Braket service at meaningful scale. “The moment quantum computing does something interesting in a provable fashion there will be a landslide of demand.



a Buyer’s Guide to Quantum as a Service: Qubits For Hire

A quantum computing (QC) service is hard enough to understand when it's explained to you plainly. Here's the general idea: The first quantum computing (QC) services, or quantum-like services, being offered to commercial customers are experiments. When a programmer specifies a quantum circuit using cQASM, the Quantum Inspire editor generates a graph of the circuit, like the simple one above. It's one of the visual tools used to generate an expression of a quantum circuit -- in quantum terms, to generate a Hamiltonian. The effort stemmed from founder William "Whurley" Hurley's work as chair of the IEEE's Quantum Computing Working Group.



Cambridge Quantum Computing Announces Integration of Tket Platform Into Strangeworks Ecosystem – Cambridge Quantum Computing

Cambridge Quantum Computing AnnouncesIntegration of tket platform into Strangeworks EcosystemCQC to join Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate, companies tointegrate CQC’s premier quantum software platform with the StrangeworksEcosystem to accelerate the ‘democratization’ of quantum computingCAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, May 4th, 2021 – Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC), a global leader in quantum software and quantum algorithms, today announced that Strangeworks, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company dedicated to making quantum computing more accessible, will integrate CQC’s flagship quantum software platform – tket – into the Strangeworks Quantum Computing ecosystem. “ticket”) will become a key component of the Strangeworks QC™ (Quantum Computing) and EQ™ (Enterprise Quantum) ecosystems. Used by top companies and institutions the world over, tket is designed to maximize the performance of quantum algorithms and accelerate the development of quantum computing applications across multiple industry sectors, including chemistry, machine learning and optimization. By guiding companies through the confusion of quantum computing, Strangeworks helps accelerate the integration of this new technology in corporations, universities, and enterprises. To learn more about how Strangeworks can accelerate your quantum journey visit or start learning for free on Strangeworks QC™, available at



Harvard Launches New Ph.D. Program in Quantum Science

Field expected to usher in era of super-fast computing and innovation across a range of fields.



These Emerging Technologies Interest Developers The Most

Which emerging technologies interest developers the most? That's a key question, since technologies need that kind of developer momentum in order to break into the mainstream.



New Superconducting Thermometer Can Accelerate Quantum Computer Development

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, have developed a novel type of thermometer that can simply and quickly measure temperatures during quantum calculations with extremely high accuracy. The breakthrough provides a benchmarking tool for quantum computing of great value – and opens up for experiments in the exciting field of quantum thermodynamics.



A Student's Physics Project Could Make Quantum Computers Twice as Reliable

A student's tweak in quantum computing code could double its ability to catch errors, piquing the interest of Amazon's quantum computing program.



How to Prepare Your Firm For The Quantum Computer Revolution

While an operationally viable quantum computer seems beyond the horizon to most, the steps needed to prepare for its inevitability are indeed within sight. We need more advanced planning in cyberspace to prepare for the impact of quantum computing, where, without some changes, it will undercut all internet integrity and confidentiality – an economic and social disaster. This is where strategic acting can come into its own.

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Quantum: It's Still Not Clear What It’s Good For, But Amazon And QCI Will Help Developers Find Out

Quantum machines are theoretically great at speeding up the traveling salesman problem, but the near-term opportunity is to bring early lessons back into the classical domain.