Latest Quantum News

Wiring a New Path to Scalable Quantum Computing

To make larger and more useful systems, most of today's prototypes will have to overcome the challenges of stability and scalability. The latter will require increasing the density of signaling and wiring, which is hard to do without degrading the system's stability.



Fermilab Scientists Publish Quantum Computing Course For High School Students

Quantum computing will affect the future of every area of science, so the need for a quantum-fluent workforce is great. With this quantum computing course, Fermilab scientists are breaking new ground in both quantum computing research and ensuring the competitiveness of the STEM workforce in the quantum era.



Global Future Council on Quantum Computing: Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum Computing may seem mysterious and not easy to understand. This FAQ document answers common questions at a high-level on what makes quantum computing so special and how we expect it to impact the world in the coming years.



Quantum Computing: How Conditions Created by The Covid-19 Shutdown Are Delivering ‘the Best Data we Have Ever Seen’

The COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown have been disastrous for many people. But one research project in my lab has been humming along, taking the best data my team has ever seen. It is an advanced ‘ion trap’ quantum computer, which uses laser beams to control an array of floating atoms.



Menten AI’s Combination of Buzzword Bingo Brings AI And Quantum Computing to Drug Discovery

Menten AI has an impressive founding team and a pitch that combines some of the hottest trends in tech to pursue one of the biggest problems in healthcare — new drug discovery.



New Model Helps to Describe Defects And Errors in Quantum Computers

A summer internship in Bilbao, Spain, has led to a paper in the journal Physical Review Letters for Jack Mayo, a Master's student at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He has helped to create a universal model that can predict the number distribution of topological defects in non-equilibrium systems. The results can be applied to quantum computing and to studies into the origin of structure in the early Universe.



Spokane Startup’s Target of Non-Deterministic Polynomial Problem Efficiency in Chemistry

One lady, based in Washington state, sees it as her mission to solve the ‘toughest problems in quantum science’



Atos Introduces Atos QLM Enhanced Solution

By promising to apply, in the near-term, computation capabilities that are beyond the reach of even the most powerful existing computers to solve complex, real-life problems, NISQ devices will play an important role in determining the commercial potential of quantum computing. Herein lies a double challenge for the industry: developing NISQ-optimized algorithms is as important as building the machines, since both are required to identify concrete applications.



JPMorgan Shows Its Chops in Quantum Computing. Here’s Why it Matters.

Quantum computing has the promise to reshape industries by unleashing computing power well beyond what traditional computers have. The use of a quantum oracle, in this instance, makes doing complicated math with fibonacci numbers easier than with traditional computing systems.