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What Quantum Computers Reveal About Innovation

In 1981 Richard Feynman, an American physicist, spoke at a computing conference, observing that “Nature isn’t classical, dammit, and if you want to make a simulation of nature, you’d better make it quantum mechanical, and by golly it’s a wonderful problem, because it doesn’t look so easy.”

The Economist


Startup Debuts Software to Help Any Company Use ‘Quantum Algorithms’

A Boston-based startup has released software designed to make it easier for companies to use algorithms invented for quantum computing to improve business processes. The software has already been used by a number of banks and investment firms, including the Spanish bank BBVA, to optimize financial portfolios and to better assess risk. It has also been used by petrochemical companies to optimize their processes.



Baidu Offers Quantum Computing From The Cloud

Following its developer conference last week, Baidu today detailed Quantum Leaf, a new cloud quantum computing platform designed for programming, simulating, and executing quantum workloads. It’s aimed at providing a programming environment for quantum-infrastructure-as-a-service setups, Baidu says, and it complements the Paddle Quantum development toolkit the company released earlier this year.



Quantum Computing: Randomness as a Service

A new commercial launch promises to deliver progress in this fiendishly complex field.

Financial Times


What Classic Software Developers Need to Know About Quantum Computing

IBM's Quantum Challenge is designed to help classic software programmers become quantum ready developers.



Steering Committee Named For NIST’s Quantum-Focused, Public-Private Consortium

The announcement also follows the group’s establishment of a new, more formal membership structure.



Are You Ready For The Quantum Computing Revolution?

By planning responsibly, while also embracing future uncertainty, businesses can improve their odds of being ready for the quantum future. Quantum computing and quantum communication could impact many sectors, including healthcare, energy, finance, security, and entertainment.



IBM Promises 1000-Qubit Quantum Computer by 2023

Today, IBM made its aspirations more concrete by publicly announcing a “road map” for the development of its quantum computers, including the ambitious goal of building one containing 1000 qubits by 2023.



Quantum Startup CEO Suggests we Are Only Five Years Away From a Quantum Desktop Computer

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt 2020, leaders from three quantum computing startups joined TechCrunch editor Frederic Lardinois to discuss the future of the technology. IonQ CEO and president Peter Chapman suggested we could be as little as five years away from a desktop quantum computer, but not everyone agreed on that optimistic timeline.