Latest Quantum News

Quantum Computer Based on Shuttling Trapped Ions

A microchip-based quantum computer has been built incorporating an architecture in which calculations are carried out by shuttling atomic ions. The device exhibits excellent performance and potential for scaling up.



Finnish Quantum Institute Announced

Aalto University, University of Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have signed an agreement to collaborate on quantum science and technology, under the umbrella of InstituteQ: The Finnish Quantum Institute. InstituteQ brings together expertise in research, education, and innovation to drive Finland’s world-leading quantum technology research.



Honeywell Releases Details of Its Ion Trap Quantum Computer

After its announcement roughly a year ago, we have a paper describing the details.



IBM Just Launched The First Developer Certification For Quantum Computing

Developers can now be officially quantum-certified. IBM has unveiled a quantum developer certification which it says, once devs have passed the 60-question test, will act as proof of at least some of the skills required to build and run quantum programs.



Quantum Technology Emerges From The Lab to Spark a Mini Start-Up Boom

University of Chicago and partners launch the nation’s first accelerator to support quantum startups as interest in the technology grows.



A 'Hole' New World For The Potential of Mini Quantum Computers

In a new study, researchers from Australia and Canada have identified a 'sweet spot', using holes, where the qubit is least sensitive to noise.



IBM Quantum Systems Accelerate Discoveries in Science

Today, computation is central to the way we carry out the scientific method. High-performance computing resources help researchers generate hypotheses, find patterns in large datasets, perform statistical analyses, and even run experiments faster than ever before. Logically, access to a completely different computational paradigm — one with the potential to perform calculations intractable for any classical computer — could open up an entirely new realm for scientific discovery.



Diamond-Based Quantum Accelerator Puts Qubits in a Server Rack

Its makers envision this device growing to 50+ qubits and fitting aboard satellites, autonomous vehicles.



New Computing Algorithms Expand the Boundaries of a Quantum Future

Quantum computing promises to harness the strange properties of quantum mechanics in machines that will outperform even the most powerful supercomputers of today. But the extent of their application, it turns out, isn’t entirely clear.