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  • Your t|ket> to Framework Freedom

    Learn how to use the t|ket> compiler and move between quantum frameworks.

  • IBM Hardware How To

    In a world where quantum circuits are only run on quantum simulators, one platform has the audacity to make real quantum computers available to everyone. Follow this tutorial to get down and dirty with some actual qubits and get the low-down on how to get your account setup to run code on several freely available quantum computers from our partners at IBM!

  • A List of Quantum Computing Learning Resources

    Here are some resources to get you started learning about QC.

  • Learning Blueqat Step 1: Operations

    Learn about the most common operations on blueqat.

  • Diner's Dilemma

    A group of friends go to diner, and they agree to split the bill equally. What could go wrong?

  • Roll with the Demand

    Optimize toilet paper stock in grocery stores using a Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm in QISKIT.

  • Play With One Qubit

    A sandbox to learn about gates for one qubit.

  • Teleport A Fly

    Use entangled qubits to transmit quantum information.

  • Quantum Walk Intro

    You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? This simple example brings together one-qubit and two-qubit gates. Imagine flipping a coin.…

  • How to Post

    Learn the basics of using the Strangeworks platform to create posts. Posts are a great way to communicate your work with the world and connect other users with your projects!

  • Superdense Coding: The Quantum Clown Car

    Protocol that shows how one can encode a two bits inside one qubit, then use entanglement to transmit them.

  • D-Wave Ocean: Constrained Scheduling

    Solve a binary constraint satisfaction problem using Ocean tools.

  • Q#: Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm

    Demonstrate the usage of an implementation of QAOA with a combinatorial optimization problem.

  • Quantum Chemistry: Simulation of Lithium Cations

    See how to simulate dilithium and lithium cations with quantum.

  • Harrow Hassidim Lloyd (HHL) Algorithm

    A quantum algorithm for solving linear systems of equations.

  • ProjectQ: Shor's Algorithm

    This implementation of Shor's algorithm prints counts of gates used.

  • Getting Started - Bell State

    Get started working in the Strangeworks ecosystem. Walk through some simple code and get an overview of some of the capabilities of each framework.

  • Quantum Locker

    A simple quantum authentication algorithm

  • Introduction to Circuits and Gates

    A tour from quantum gates to building quantum circuits.

  • QPlayLearn - Qubit and Operations

    QPlayLearn - Apply operations to one qubit to further your understanding.

  • QPlayLearn

    QPlayLearn Outline. We have partnered with them to allow you to consolidate your quantum knowledge with some coding examples.

  • Solve this RubiQ's Sphere

    Try some one-qubit gates until you solve this simple puzzle.

  • For Whom the Bell Entangles

    An essential resource for quantum computers is entanglement. Learn how to create entanglement here.

  • Quantum Walk, Four Nodes

    A good place to start understand the power of quantum algorithms is with quantum walks

  • OQS Project 1: Depolarizing channel

    Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit - introduction to a depolarizing channel.

  • Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit

    The starting point for the Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit online textbook.

  • OQS Project 2: Pauli Channel

    Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit - an example of a Pauli channel.

  • QWorld Bronze: Coin Flip

    QWorld explains how to get from statistics to probabilities using a coin.

  • QWorld Bronze: Coin Flip Game

    QWorld's introduction to probability theory using coins.

  • QWorld Bronze: First Quantum Programs by Qiskit

    QWorld's introduction about coding quantum circuits.

  • Q#: Teleportation

    Q# example for quantum teleportation.

  • Q#: H2 Simulation

    Q# example of how to find the ground state energy of a Hydrogen molecule.

  • Q#: Simple Quantum Algorithms

    Q# implementations of Bernstein–Vazirani, the Deutsch–Jozsa, and the hidden shift.

  • QWorld Bronze: One Qubit

    QWorld's introduction to what is a Qubit.

  • QWorld Bronze: Quantum Teleportation

    QWorld's introduction to Quantum Teleportation.

  • QFT: Qubits in Disguise

    The key to some of the most powerful quantum algorithms.

  • Amazon Braket: Solving the Transverse Ising Model with VQE

    An example of a VQE for an Ising model on AWS Braket.

  • Amazon Braket: Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA)

    A nice QAOA example ready for AWS Braket.

  • Quantum Cheque

    Making transactions verifiable, non-repudiable, and unforgeable with a quantum cheque scheme.

  • QPlayLearn - Entanglement

    Apply what you have learned about Entanglement in QPlayLean by running quantum code in many languages.

  • Grover Searches in the Soup

    Learn how Grover's algorithm makes searching faster.

  • Shor: Tales from Decrypt

    Implementing Shor's algorithm to factor a 5bit number.

  • Bernstein Vazirani Algorithm

    Illustrating the power of constructive and destructive interference in quantum algorithms.

  • QWorld Bronze: Entanglement and Superdense Coding

    Entanglement and Superdense CodingWatch LectureAsja has a qubit, initially set to $ \ket{0} $.Balvis has a qubit, initially set to $…