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  • A List of Quantum Computing Learning Resources

    Here are some resources to get you started learning about QC.

  • Learning Blueqat Step 1: Operations

    Learn about the most common operations on blueqat.

  • Diner's Dilemma

    A group of friends go to diner, and they agree to split the bill equally. What could go wrong?

  • Roll with the Demand

    Optimize toilet paper stock in grocery stores using a Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm in QISKIT.

  • Play With One Qubit

    A sandbox to learn about gates for one qubit.

  • Teleport A Fly

    Use entangled qubits to transmit quantum information.

  • Quantum Walk Intro

    You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? This simple example brings together one-qubit and two-qubit gates. Imagine flipping a coin.…

  • How to Post

    Learn the basics of using the Strangeworks platform to create posts. Posts are a great way to communicate your work with the world and connect other users with your projects!

  • Superdense Coding: The Quantum Clown Car

    Protocol that shows how one can encode a two bits inside one qubit, then use entanglement to transmit them.

  • D-Wave Ocean: Constrained Scheduling

    Solve a binary constraint satisfaction problem using Ocean tools.

  • Q#: Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm

    Demonstrate the usage of an implementation of QAOA with a combinatorial optimization problem.

  • Quantum Chemistry: Simulation of Lithium Cations

    See how to simulate dilithium and lithium cations with quantum.

  • Harrow Hassidim Lloyd (HHL) Algorithm

    A quantum algorithm for solving linear systems of equations.

  • ProjectQ: Shor's Algorithm

    This implementation of Shor's algorithm prints counts of gates used.

  • Getting Started - Bell State

    Get started working in the Strangeworks ecosystem. Walk through some simple code and get an overview of some of the capabilities of each framework.

  • Quantum Locker

    A simple quantum authentication algorithm

  • Introduction to Circuits and Gates

    A tour from quantum gates to building quantum circuits.

  • QPlayLearn - Qubit and Operations

    QPlayLearn - Apply operations to one qubit to further your understanding.

  • QPlayLearn

    QPlayLearn Outline. We have partnered with them to allow you to consolidate your quantum knowledge with some coding examples.

  • Solve this RubiQ's Sphere

    Try some one-qubit gates until you solve this simple puzzle.

  • For Whom the Bell Entangles

    An essential resource for quantum computers is entanglement. Learn how to create entanglement here.

  • Quantum Walk, Four Nodes

    A good place to start understand the power of quantum algorithms is with quantum walks

  • OQS Project 1: Depolarizing channel

    Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit - introduction to a depolarizing channel.

  • Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit

    The starting point for the Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit online textbook.

  • OQS Project 2: Pauli Channel

    Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit - an example of a Pauli channel.

  • QWorld Bronze: Coin Flip

    QWorld explains how to get from statistics to probabilities using a coin.

  • QWorld Bronze: Coin Flip Game

    QWorld's introduction to probability theory using coins.

  • QWorld Bronze: First Quantum Programs by Qiskit

    QWorld's introduction about coding quantum circuits.

  • Q#: Teleportation

    Q# example for quantum teleportation.

  • Q#: H2 Simulation

    Q# example of how to find the ground state energy of a Hydrogen molecule.

  • Q#: Simple Quantum Algorithms

    Q# implementations of Bernstein–Vazirani, the Deutsch–Jozsa, and the hidden shift.

  • QWorld Bronze: One Qubit

    QWorld's introduction to what is a Qubit.

  • QWorld Bronze: Quantum Teleportation

    QWorld's introduction to Quantum Teleportation.

  • QFT: Qubits in Disguise

    The key to some of the most powerful quantum algorithms.

  • Amazon Braket: Solving the Transverse Ising Model with VQE

    An example of a VQE for an Ising model on AWS Braket.

  • Amazon Braket: Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA)

    A nice QAOA example ready for AWS Braket.

  • Quantum Cheque

    Making transactions verifiable, non-repudiable, and unforgeable with a quantum cheque scheme.

  • QPlayLearn - Entanglement

    Apply what you have learned about Entanglement in QPlayLean by running quantum code in many languages.

  • Grover Searches in the Soup

    Learn how Grover's algorithm makes searching faster.

  • Shor: Tales from Decrypt

    Implementing Shor's algorithm to factor a 5bit number.

  • Bernstein Vazirani Algorithm

    Illustrating the power of constructive and destructive interference in quantum algorithms.

  • QWorld Bronze: Entanglement and Superdense Coding

    Entanglement and Superdense CodingWatch LectureAsja has a qubit, initially set to $ \ket{0} $.Balvis has a qubit, initially set to $…