Solve this RubiQ's Sphere

Like Rubik's Cube, but Quantum. Become a master single-qubit gates.

Rubik's Cube

This is a basic problem to get you started with one-qubit quantum circuit operations using QASM.

To solve this RubiQ's Sphere problem, you need to rotate the state so it reads 00 with probability 11 when ran regularly for more than 10 iterations

To make it simpler, know that the solution will be just a combination of the following gates.

z qubit[0];   		// pi rotation about the Z-axis
x qubit[0];			// pi rotation about the X-axis
y qubit[0];			// pi rotation about the Y-axis
h qubit[0];          // The combination of two rotations, pi about the Z-axis followed by pi/2 about the Y-axis
s qubit[0]; 			// S-gate, square root of Z gate
sdg qubit[0]; 		// conjugate of S-gate
t qubit[0]; 			// Phase-gate, conjugate of square root of S-gate
tdg qubit[0]; 		// conjugate of Phase-gate

Do some trial error mixing them up, until you get the solution!

For more details on QASM, check out its documentation here.