QFT: Qubits in Disguise

Published by strangeworks (01/22/2021)

Quantum Fourier Transform - The Power Behind Shor's Algorithm 

It is an efficient algorithm for performing a Fourier Transform of quantum amplitudes, and to do phase estimation for quantum phases. It is a crucial part of some of the most powerful quantum algorithms, such as Shor's Factorization.


Like finding the individual pitches of a musical chord, the Fourier Transform finds the frequency components of a signal. It is the mathematical trick that transforms time into frequency. It is essential for digital signal processing, data compression, and much more. You can't listen to digital music without them. Many important quantum algorithms are powered by the quantum version of the Fourier transform. This is that special tool to crack open many difficult problems, including factoring.

You need to move past Fourier transforms and start thinking quantum mechanics.

-Michael Bay's Transformers