Qiskit Runtime

Published by strangeworks (07/02/2021)

To make the most of this generation of quantum computers, one has to make the quantum circuits short, fast, and make everything count. This is best achieved by rapidly iterating them in close synchrony with a classical computer that suggests new quantum inputs, cleverly analyzes the output of the quantum circuits, and quickly proposes the next iteration. This is what Qiskit Runtime is designed to do, faster than ever before.

Before Qiskit Runtime, automating this iteration was slow, accumulating latencies as code passes between a user's device and the cloud-based quantum computer. The iterations might as well have been made by real people instead of computers!

Now developers can run their program in IBM's hybrid cloud that dramatically reduces the time between executions thanks to its containerized service for quantum computers.

Strangeworks has included ready-to-run examples for each Qiskit Runtime program, complete with automatic result generation and visualizations. Take advantage of this exciting new technology via a dedicated IBM 7-qubit quantum computer, for free, today!

Where to start?

Strangeworks provides access to Qiskit Runtime. A good place to start is with the Variational Quantum Eigensolver, or VQE for short.
  • VQE Program - A Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) is an algorithm that finds the ground state, the lowest energy eigenvalue, of a molecule or material. This is a fast way to answer difficult chemical-physics questions with current quantum computers. It has applications beyond chemistry, and allows for clever use of existing classical computers to improve the performance of the quantum algorithm. A great place to start.​

Other Runtimes to check out

  • Quantum Kernel Alignment Program - A quantum kernel alignment algorithm that learns, on a given dataset, a quantum kernel maximizing the support vector machine (SVM) classification margin.
  • Sample Program - A simple starter program that generates a 5 qubit random circuit and returns the counts, iteration number, and interim results.
  • Circuit Runner Program - A program that takes one or more circuits, compiles them, executes them, and optionally applies measurement error mitigation.

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