Published by strangeworks (12/16/2020)

An Education Partnership Based On Science

Strangeworks and QPlayLearn have partnered together to help reach and educate the expanding audience of the future quantum workforce. The following series of posts combine abstracts from the PlayLearn education platform with Strangeworks developed projects that allow readers to quickly explore and apply concepts with real quantum code using the free community edition of the Strangeworks platform.

QPlayLearn's Mission & Approach

QPlayLearn’s mission is to provide multilevel education on quantum science and technologies to anyone, regardless of age and background. To this aim, innovative interactive tools enhance the learning process effectiveness, fun, and accessibility, while remaining grounded on scientific correctness. Examples are games for basic quantum physics teaching, on purpose designed animations, and easy-to-understand explanations on terminology and concepts by global experts.

Following the idea of the multiple intelligences, the platform offers to its explorers the freedom of choosing the learning approach that better suits to their personal preferences, via three different options: play (intuitive approach), discover (experiential approach), learn (logical-mathematical approach).

Overall QPlayLearn allows users to:
  1. build intuition and engagement through games and videos;
  2. understand physical concepts through easy-to-follow and scientifically accurate description, graphics, animations and experiments;
  3. acquire formal understanding through the mathematics.

The idea is that each user can begin from the approach that feels easier or closer to her, and then - if she likes - explore the others. Eventually, it is the combination of the different modalities that allows the understanding of quantum physics to shift and expand.


The first instrument developed within QPlayLearn is Quest, a free resource where you can find key concepts related to quantum science: keep an eye on it, since it constantly expands by the addition of new entries! In each entry, concepts are illustrated by means of video games, animations, videos of researchers from all over the world, explanations and illustrations of experiments, as well as some mathematical formalism for the most interested in learning the math behind quantum physics. Moreover, here you can find tutorials and small code projects for each entry of the dictionary, so that you can apply immediately what you learn in the other sections of QPlayLearn. Jump here and start qplaylearning: when you're ready, come back and practice what you've learned on the Strangeworks Platform.

  1. Quantum physics (qplaylearn)
  2. Quantum state (qplaylearn)
  3. Qubit (qplaylearn) (strangeworks)
  4. Superposition (qplaylearn)
  5. Entanglement (qplaylearn) (strangeworks)
  6. Quantum measurement (qplaylearn)
  7. Wave-like behaviour (qplaylearn)
  8. Heisenberg principle (qplaylearn)
  9. Tunneling (qplaylearn)
  10. Quantum technologies (qplaylearn)