Shor: Tales from Decrypt

Published by strangeworks (01/22/2021)

Shor's Algorithm - how to factor numbers

Factoring is the basis for all encryption, and Shor's algorithms cracks all that. This is a simple implementation for factoring a 5bit number.


Multiplying two numbers is easy, but finding the primer factors of a number can be very difficult. Many encryption protocols, like those algorithms that allow you to pay with a credit card online, use this. They work like a mail box: it is easy to put the letter in, but very hard to take out without the key. With a quantum computer, you can break it all. Shor's algorithm uses a quantum computer to calculate the Quantum Fourier Transform to factor numbers efficiently. This power is one of the reasons why you should take quantum computing very seriously, as it challenges the cornerstone of secure communication. With one, anyone can pick the lock of the mailbox in an efficient way. But don't worry, even if bad guys had a quantum computer to break all the codes, quantum computer can also provide even more secure ways to communicate using much stronger quantum locks for the mailbox.

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