Quantum Algorithms Cheatsheet

Published by unsys (03/17/2021)

Access the cheatsheet here!Access the python notebooks here!

This is not aimed at providing a full blown detailed explanation of each algorithm. The guide assumes you have understood the algorithms in detail already. This cheatsheet includes a quick and handy summary of the intuitions behind each of the well known textbook quantum algorithms.

I cover the followin algorithms:

  • Deutsch-Jozsa: Finding whether a blackbox function is constant or balanced
  • Bernstein- Vazirani: Finding the constant used in a blackbox function
  • Simon: Finding the period of a function that maps pairs of inputs to the same output
  • Teleportation: Copy one state from Alice to Bob
  • Superdense Coding: Encode 2 pieces of data within a qubit
  • Grover: A search algrithm
  • Quantum Fourier Transform: Encode / Decode wave signal data
  • Quantum Phase Estimation: Guess the phase added by a given quantum operation
  • Shor's Period Finding: Find the period of the modular exponentiation function core to Shor's algorithm

Most of these algorithms rely on two core techniques that we'll sumamrize here. The cheatsheet is accompanied by some more in depth jupyter notebooks in the notebooks folder where you'll find more elaborated and in-depth explanations of the algorithms always putting intuition and simplicity at the forefront.