In Munich For Blueyard X Google: A Quantum Leap

Published by whurley (06/22/2017)

Today Quantum Computing takes a Quantum Leap!

I am here in Munich, Germany, today to attend the Quantum Leap event. As a result, I’m super excited! The attendees are a veritable who’s who of quantum computing.  Jason Whitmire and the team at BlueYard have done an amazing job pulling this together.  Not to be a fan boy, but I’m really looking forward to “Demystifying Quantum Computing: The Odds are Good; the Goods, Odd.” As you know if you follow this blog, Jason Palmer wrote my current favorite piece on quantum computing. Everyone interested in the subject should read it, IMHO.

Jason won’t be the only notable presence at the event.  Google’s Alan Ho will present “A Plan for Commercializing Quantum Computing in the Next Five Years.”  QCWare’s Matt Johnson will discuss “Quantum Machine Learning, AI, and Autonomy.”  QxBranch’s Paul Guthrie will discuss “Real-world Applications in the Financial Industry.”  There will also be several panels on everything from “The Quantum Application Stack” to “The Path to True Quantum Computing: Bridging the Gap from Academia to Real-world Applications.”

Funding the Quantum Ecosystem Panel

Since I’m here, I might as well join a panel. (Ha!) I’ll be joining BlueYard’s Peter Read for a panel on “Funding the Quantum Ecosystem: Public and Private Investors in Quantum.” Peter is an awesome person to be working with. He worked at Google Ventures, and he recently joined Vitruvian as a general partner and also BlueYard as a vice president. Most importantly,  he co-authored the Nature piece on quantum commercialization with Google in March. We’re discussing the subject with an all-star panel. Siraj Khaliq from Atomico. Shu Nyatta from Softbank. Chris Perry from QuantumX. And my all-time favorite (and fellow Rick and Morty fan), Adam Goldberg (Lightspeed Ventures).

We’ll be reviewing the current state of funding for quantum startups.  Also, we’ll discuss what needs to be done to receive funding, and field some sharp questions from the crowd, I’m sure.