Introducing Quantum Computing @Open West 2017

Published by whurley (07/12/2017)

Quantum computing and open source meet head-on in Utah.

Today I will introduce quantum computing to the developers and engineers attending Open West 2017 here in Sandy, Utah. I’ve been looking forward to coming back to Utah for some time now. Speaking to this group will close the loop on a career iteration for me (I got my start in open source). OpenWest is a national four-day conference. Over 2,000 attendees come to hear about the latest technologies. This year’s conference will have the first ever PCI Community Open Session where members of the PCI security council solicit feedback from the technology community.

I’ll be giving one of six keynotes at the event. I’m going to focus on (wait for it . . . wait for it) quantum computing. Now my fourth live talk on the subject, I’m using what the other audiences taught me to ratchet up my game. I know now why there aren’t a lot of people out preaching quantum computing at this point: it’s hard.


It’s really hard to take such a complex subject and boil it down to a 15 or 30-minute talk. I seem to end up creating more questions for the audience than I answer. Today I’ve got an ulterior motive: recruiting people for a couple of quantum-flavored computing open source projects I have planned later this year. I hope it goes well. It’s the right crowd for it. I would love to get some of these amazing developers engaged.

But again, I’m just excited to be here. There are a ton of great workshops, and the keynote speaker lineup is rock solid:

  • Troy Leach, Chief Compliance Architect & CTO (PCI Security Council)
  • Deb Nicholson, Director of Community Outreach (Open Invention Network)
  • Marina Zhurakhinskaya, Senior Outreach Specialist (Red Hat)
  • Kate Tummarello, Policy Analyst (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
  • Greg Jones, Partner (TechLaw Ventures)