“The Coming Age Of Quantum Computing” Redux: Innotech Dallas

Published by whurley (04/26/2017)

Today I’m in a Glitch in the Matrix.

As you know if you’ve been reading this blog, I was recently in San Antonio taking a run at explaining quantum computing to the masses at Innotech. I put my best foot forward. I cracked jokes and poked fun at conspiracy theories. Overall it felt like Déjà vu, like I was trapped in the Matrix.

The good news coming out of San Antonio’s presentation was the number of killer questions and conversations I had afterward. It was great to engage people one-on-one about quantum computing and find they didn’t feel intimidated by the subject. Many of the questions were basic, but many of them were very insightful. People are trying to grapple with the deluge of quantum content on the Internet; much of which is contradictory.

Better the second time around.

I’m feeling better about this next time out in Dallas. I’ve scaled back some of the humor. I’ve added a couple of animations to explain key concepts like quantum tunneling, superposition, and quantum entanglement. Now that I have rehearsed it a couple of times, I see how my delivery could be a little smoother. I think Dallas will go better than San Antonio, but I’ve still got a ways to go. The topic can get complex fast, but I want to recruit everyone for the quantum revolution. I’ll keep refining the deck . . .