The Time Has Come For Quantum Computing For Babies

Published by whurley (01/30/2018)

Chris Ferrie and I teamed up to bring you a quantum baby masterpiece.

You may remember my post on Chris Ferrie’s Quantum Entanglement For Babies. If you don’t, a quick recap. Someone posted a link to Chris Ferrie’s awesome series of children’s books on my Facebook page. I immediately purchased all of them (Quantum Entanglement for BabiesQuantum Physics for BabiesNewtonian Physics for BabiesOptical Physics for Babies, and General Relativity for Babies). How could I not? These things are awesome!

Little did I know, that was the beginning of one of the hardest things I have done to date in my quest to bring quantum computing to the masses. Long story short, Chris and I connected on LinkedIn and the game was afoot. Today I’m happy to share the fruits of our labor: Quantum Computing for Babies!

We asked the quantum computing community to give us some quotes. Here are the first two that came in.

“Ferrie and whurley teach us that it’s never too early to get quantum ready.” —Jay M Gambetta, Quantum Computing and Information Scientist at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center

“Love the concept. Especially love the fact that the actual quantum computation feels like magic happened—pretty much like it is in reality.” —Helmut G. Katzgraber, Professor of Computational Physics, Texas A&M University

So click on over to your favorite bookseller and pick up a copy. It’s available for pre-order at AmazonBarnes & NobleIndie BoundBooks-A-MillionPowell’s, and local Austin favorite, Book People.

Remember, if babies can learn about quantum computing, so can you!